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Travel Description
Experience Morocco with your motor home

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Description of the trip

1th stage:
detailed information review in the morning, afterwards last European shopping activities in a super-market in Tarifa.

2th stage :
we are driving early in the morning to the port to embark. After about 45 minutes we arrive in Ceuta. On a big parking area just in front of the border we will have a short customs review. After passing the border, we will drive to our first campsite in Martil. In the afternoon an easy walk to the village (5 minutes), enjoy our first "Whisky Marocain" (mint tea), offered by us and enjoy the first impressions of marocian lifestyle.

3th stage:
today a short stage, our next over night stop is in Chefchaouen, we will visit the beautiful village centre in Spanish style by the afternoon.

4th stage:
according to our road book we will follow the Rif mountains to our next campsite in Fés.

5th stage:
today we stay in Fés, have a sightseeing tour, enjoy the exquisite showers (from a marocian point of view), have time off and might have some beer in the campsite bar in the evening.
6th stage:
today we will leave Fés towards Zeida, passing cedar forests and astonishing mountain landscapes till we arrive to spend a cold night (1300m a.S.).

7th stage:
we are heading towards Middelt, from there again individually to the blue springs of Meski a palm tree oasis with fountain pool. When we are lucky our friend Mouloud plays some music for us (in case he is on a good mood and wants to).

8th stage:
today we stay in Meski, if you want you can visit a nearby Kasbah ruin or be lazy at the swimming pool.

9th stage:
we visit the largest connected dune landscape of the country, called "Erg Chebbi". We drive from Meski, to where the desert starts. From then we have a 6 km convoy on sandy roads till we reach our campsite. You have then the opportunity to ride a camel into the dunes, also the restaurant is highly recommended. After our campfire you can enjoy total silence and the close sky full of stars!

10th stage:
together we leave the desert again. According to the road book, we are driving to the Thodra canyon and stay one night just in front of a hotel at the river "Les Roches", where you can have excellent dinner. On the last 14 km on the way to the entrance of the canyon you will enjoy fabulous views into the valley!

11th stage:
today we are driving to Quarzazate, a well developed small town. There we can refill our food stores and walk trough the closed by souk (market).

12th stage:
from Quarzazate we will pass the Draa-valley via Tizi-n-Tinifift to Zagora, where we stay overnight, again on a gorgeous oasis campsite. From here opportunity the ride a camel to the Sahara desert. Or to do a Quad tour.

13th stage:
today we rest and have time to enjoy the impressions of the past days.

14th stage:
back to Quarzazate via the Draa-valley and stay one night more on its camping site.

15th stage:
if you want you can visit the Kasbah of "Ait Benhadou" (26 km from Quarzazate), via Tizi-n-Tischka we are heading to our campsite near Marrakech.

16th stage:
we stay in Marrakech, in the afternoon we are going to the city (Taxi) to visit the square of the decapitated, "Djamna el Fna", we eat on a cook-shop and let us fascinate by jugglers, magicians and fairytale tellers.

17th stage:
we stay another day at the campsite in Marrakech. In the afternoon opportunity to visit with us the "Jardin Majorelle", a small but amazing park in city centre.

18th stage:
we are heading towards Agadir via Tizi-n-Test and stay overnight on the top of the pass, on a mini campsite (2093m a.S.). Overwhelming views into the Sous-valley, snowfall possible.

19th stage:
further south to Tafraoute, a religious centre in the area. At night campfire under palmtrees. The campsite is situated near the village.

20th stage:
we have a sightseeing tour to the near rock formations (by 4x4 or taxi) and enjoy the cosy village flair.

21th stage:
we follow the road and arrive in Agadir, where we stay some km outside on a big campsite. Today is the last official stage of our trip. We start the way back to Ceuta individually (count with 2 till 3 days along the coast via Rabat-Casablanca, partially on toll-highways), we obiously give you all information about customs on our last drivers review and provide you with necessary paperwork.

The whole trip is about 3800 km long, almost completely paved, also possible by car & caravan, 4x4 & tent, bike & tent, for further information and prices call us!

Overnight stays almost exclusively on official campsites. By the way, dogs are welcome to travel too!

It was never so easy to travel in Morocco by motor home, so don't dream, come with us!

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