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Travel Description
Experience Tunisia with your motor home

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Description of the trip

1th stage:
Large briefing at Camp site, last shopping chance in Italian supermarket.

2th stage :
We drive in the morning to the port of Palermo where we take the ferry to La Goulette (+/- 12h). After passing customs, short drive to our first night in Tunisia in Sidi Bou Said Yacht harbor.

3th stage:
We stay at the Yacht harbor for today, short walk to lovely old town of Sidi Bou Said, and for the evening we recommend a beautiful dinner in the nearby restaurant "Le Pirate"

4th stage:
Today we drive on country roads via Bizerte to Tabarka. We stay here at the yacht harbor as well.

5th stage:
Today we have a beautiful mountain route, passing eucalyptus forests on our way to Teboursouk. On the way there is the possibility to visit roman ruins of Bulla Regia.
6th stage:
Just a few km away from our last stop are the roman ruins of Douga. You have to see it!

7th stage:
We are passing the Atlas mountains on our way to Sbeitla, where we stay in the parking of luxury hotel. Roman ruins right next to the hotel pool, which we are allowed to use.

8th stage:
We drive to Metlaui, where we will stay at the train station, because…

9th stage:
…we will do a Train trip with the "Lezard Rouge" in the morning. Afterwards we drive thru mining fields to Mides, where we stay at a private site. Eventually campfire in the evening.

10th stage:
We slowly go towards Douz. On our way we cross the mostly dry, Chott El Jerrid, salt lake. Official camp site in Douz with washing machine and full service. This camp site is used by many desert expeditions.

11th stage:
We stay another day on the camp site to let the laundry dry and relax. Camel rides in the dunes possible, or drive to an oasis nearby.

12th stage:
Today we will enjoy beautiful scenery, mountain lovely villages and in the evening we will stay overnight next to the caves of Chenini, which….

13th stage:
...we will visit today. We have a native guide for the tour. After visiting the caves we drive individually to Sangho (Zarzis) where we will stay at the sea. It is the site of a Tunisian-Swiss couple where we could have another campfire.

14th stage:
We drive across a roman dam to the island of Djerba. We can enjoy a small adventure trip on Quad bikes, even the ladies. After driving round the island we take the ferry back to the main land, where we stay overnight at the beach of Zarat.

15th stage:
We drive to Mareth, along white beaches of Chaffar, where…

16th stage:
… we will enjoy the silence and the nature for another night.

17th stage:
Another tour highlight today: We can visit the ruins of El Jem in the afternoon. We spend the night in the coach park where we have fresh water and toilets.

18th stage:
We meet at ten o´clock for the visit of Kairouan ( with official Guide) , the religious headquarters of the country. In the afternoon we drive individually to Nabeul, where we stay at the yard of the youth hostel.

19th stage:
Today we drive to Hammam Lif. You can visit the thermal bath in Korbous on the way.

20th stage:
From Hammam Lif via Rades to La Goulette (with ferry), where we park at the port. We go by Taxi to the Bardo Museum in Tunis, afterwards we stay the last night in the well known yacht harbor of Sidi Bou Said, where we…

21th stage:
… will have the chance to visit roman ruins or an American graveyard. At five o´clock we meet at the port, where we slowly leave towards good old Europe.

Never before has it been that easy to go to Tunisia with your motorhome

D'ont dream about it, join us for an unforgettable trip!

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