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Experience Tunisia with your motor home…

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About us:
Swiss couple, married since 1993, 51 and 46 of age, main profession market traders in the whole of Switzerland, selling toys and lighters, multilingual (German, French, English and Spanish), Moroccan tours since 1998, Tunisia since 2007.

Basics about our trip:
Our trip is not a Raid or a Rally, but a scenic journey though small Berber villages, woods, mountains, salt lakes, oasis and desert areas guided by a daily road book. We do not drive in a convoy, unless it is necessary. It is a lot nicer to discover the beautiful scenery at your own speed. Every afternoon we meet at the Camping mentioned in the road book. On request we can organize 4x4 trips and camel riding. We only travel in small groups of max. 10 vehicles.

Everyone is responsible for himself and his vehicle, but in case of emergency, everyone is asked to help each other.

Passport ( has to be valid at least six month when crossing the border!) green insurance card for the camper( TN mustn´t be canceled on it), Clothing for summer and winter, automotive club membership card (technical assistance !), fresh water treatment (Milton,…) if possible Winter tires on the driven axle, plus your normal caravanning equipment. Your vehicle should be in good technical condition. The car has to be registered in the drivers or passengers name. You do not need special vaccination for Tunisia, but you could see your doctor if you have concerns. It is strictly forbidden to take weapons (including pepper spray), CB radios in to Tunisia. You can take small amounts of alcohol in, but you can also buy beer and wine in Tunisia. After booking our trip a complete list of the needed equipment will be sent to you.

Theft is more common in EU countries, and kids throwing stones are a thing of the past. We do care for your safety; therefore we only stay on official campsites or guarded Hotel parking. If there is no camp site or hotel parking we choose save pitches next to a police- or Garde National station.

Beginning of the trip:
Our meeting point is in Trapani, southern Sicily. You should be there at the latest on Sunday afternoon. You will be asked to pay your fee for the trip, and you´ll receive a TN map with the trip and the trip documents. The next morning briefing at ten o'clock, ferry tickets in Trapani and time to shop in an Italian supermarket. On Thuesday early morning the convoy goes on the ferry from Palermo to La Goulette and we will go through customs. From here it is a short trip to our first site in Sidi Bou Said. Every evening at five o´clock briefing (road book for the next day)

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Ending of trip:
Official ending of the trip in the port of Palermo three weeks later ( Ferry tickets have a fixed return date)

€ 2120.- per Campervan up to 6.5 meter, including 2 persons, additional length € 80.- per meter

What is included in the travel fees?:
Swiss tour Guides, organized trip, Ferry ticket from Palermo to Tunis and back, Campsite fees in Tunisia including electric fees(not all camp sites in Tunisia offer electricity), forms for the customs, two typical Tunisian dinners, latest Michelin road map of Tunisia, detailed road book for every day, two Tour stickers for every vehicle, daily briefing, sightseeing in Kairouan with official guide, Train trip with the "Lézard Rouge", entrance fees Douga, El Jem and Bardo Museum in Tunis, Campfire (we bring the wood and even light it), a small present at the beginning of the trip and at the end a Photo-CD-R with the nicest pictures of the trip.

The trip is about 2300 km, almost everything on roads, so you could even do it with a car plus caravan or 4x4 with roof tent (phone us for the ferry cost). We stay on official campsites or guarded Hotel parking if possible. You can bring your dog as well.

If there is anything else you should know about the trip we will brief you in Trapani. For further questions, do not hesitate to ring us!

It will be a gorgeous trip for everyone who is open minded, humorous and tolerant.

With the right attitude, a readiness to feel as a guest in Tunisia and being tolerant and flexible, this tour should be a real experience for every participant.

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